What is Voice over IP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Other lingo surrounding VoIP includes SIP, SIP Trunking or SIP Channels.

In short, VoIP calling uses an internet connection in lieu of phone lines and is an alternative way of making phone calls originating from your telephone system.

The main reason for the growing popularity of VoIP is simply the bottom line – it can be engaged with little or no cost, across borders, without the excessive costs associated with international or long distance calling.

Businesses have found that VoIP reduces communication costs while adding features and connectivity that traditional phone systems cannot match – even the best legacy systems can’t compete with the features that basic VoIP offers for communication and interaction.

VoIP with the right network connection can be used with simply a computer that has a microphone and speakers as well as most any mobile phone. As the technology has grown, the uses and applications have grown to include “phones” that only look like phones – they have more in common with a computer than a traditional phone that plugs into the jack on the wall.

More importantly, VoIP allows you to engage in multiple mediums in nearly any venue that offers a computer network or wi-fi signal.

A few of the leading VoIP Providers in South Africa include:

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