What is Fibre Connectivity?

The time to move to high-speed Fibre connectivity is upon us. Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from the reliability, uptime and robust connectivity which Fibre can offer.

Here are 9 quick reasons why you should choose fibre connectivity:

  • Most Fibre deployments boast connectivity speeds of up to 1Gbps+
  • Operating costs can be reduced as Fibre requires a lot less maintenance and is not as demanding on electricity. Plus, it’s far more reliable than copper
  • Fibre has a much lower latency than other forms of connectivity, which will result in improved communication and responses over the link
  • Communications are clearer and more reliable because Fibre networks are not affected by electrical interference
  • Unlike copper, Fibre will not corrode
  • Physical restrictions will not affect Fibre access and speed and is not impacted by the distance your office is from the switching points
  • Fibre is able to carry larger information loads further because the signal is not lost over longer distances
  • Fibre is much safer than copper because it uses light instead of electrical currents that create heat and could be a fire hazard
  • Fibre is considered a ‘once in a generation’ investment, and users will not experience downtime because of theft or the need to replace

Some of the top Fibre providers in South Africa include:

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